Featured Program Attendees Testimonials

Please note that all testimonials do not use real names for privacy purposes.

First Patient of Lauren’s Wish Program

A special note from the first patient of Lauren’s Wish program.

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Cole,
My name is CJ. I had the honest privilege of being the first patient of
Lauren’s Wish program. I feel it is necessary to express gratitude to the people responsible for the most stable first step I could have hoped to receive.
From the top down, each and every single individual I have encountered
throughout the entire process, I have felt compassion. I have been treated with a respect and kindness that put me at ease and facilitated my earnest improvement. There have been few instances in my life where I immediately wanted to earn the treatment I was being given.
Coach is more than a mentor and fine example to follow, he is a role model.
Each and every single staff member has in high frequency and reliable consistency made me feel like a person that can get through whatever life tosses in my direction. They share and listen with the most considerate and nearly superhuman patience.
I know that this program will help a multitude of people that really need it
and you wonderful people might not be appreciated to the extent you deserve. So without taking up to much of your valuable time, from the deepest part of my heart, thank you so very much for following through with Lauren’s Wish and shining a brilliant and compassionate light on my path of recovery.

A Special Thank You Note From “Moe”


To Lauren’s Wish,

First, I want to say Thank You for everything you have done for me while I’ve been here.

Second, Each one of you have a special place in my heart that I’ll carry with me each and every day.

Third, you all have shown me the support that I need to live a sober life. You all make me feel loved and honestly that’s something I truly needed in my life. 

If it wasn’t for Lauren’s Wish I would have been right back on the street. You make me want to do better in my life. I want to go back to school and get my recovery coach certificate. But you all make me want to help others in addiction cause I know that I could make a difference in this world. Just by sharing my story with other addicts. Showing them there is hope after getting clean.

If it wasn’t for all of you talking to me I would have left and never looked back but this place isn’t just a place for me to sleep, this is a place for healing. I am grateful for Michael Cole for opening this wonderful place. Lauren would be very proud of her father for doing what she wanted and I know that she is looking down on this place every single day saying Thanks dad for keeping your promise. 

My dad wanted to say “Thank You to Michael Cole and everyone that works here for keeping his daughter safe and off the streets”. His words just as he told me. My dad is proud of me again and that is because of all of you for helping me get through some rough patches. Again, thank you all for believing in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. I will never forget what Lauren’s Wish did for me. When I leave I truly want to do good in the world and it’ll start right here.

Love you all,


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